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Mixed media collage.

Excerpt from interview with Vanessa Maki

Q: What are some of your favorite cultural influences, ones that have impacted you the most as a person and as an artist?

A: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one influence but also Euphoria as well as other entertainment I consume. On another note I’m hoping to create more work that’s more “dark” and very drenched in horror.

Q: How do you compare the exploration of these topics in visual art versus the written word?

A: Well, with writing it’s a lot easier to get your point across, but with visual art it’s a different process and experience. Though with any form of creation, whether it’s writing or visual art, there’s always a chance a person may see something else than your original intention.

Q: Could you share some details of your process of creating a mixed media collage? How do you decide which colors and images to use? What are some of the magazines you go to for material?

A: Sometimes I wait for ideas to come to me or I'll be flipping through any magazines I have and will be hit with one. In terms of the colors or images I use — it really depends on what I'm going for. I use fashion magazines for now.

Q: Sexuality, eroticism, and love also are a theme in many of the pieces in your portfolio ("searching for something," "desires," "fire/lust.") Could you share some of your thoughts on each of these pieces (if they are still available for purchase)?

A: “searching for something” is one of my more softer pieces, especially with the pink and simplicity in terms of color choice. It’s meant to be tender and almost daydreamy like a soft (maybe even naive) approach to searching for romance etc.

“desires” is a straight-to-the-point type of piece and it’s meant to make someone think of sex/raw desires. Originally it was a totally different piece on a totally separate canvas. I was able to recreate my original idea/piece and make it into a better one altogether.

“fire/lust” was supposed to go in a different direction but last minute I came up with another idea. Considering the base of it is an oil painting, there’s a texture to it that I really like. I wanted it to resemble fire (also the song Fire We Make - Alicia Keys feat. Maxwell sparked the initial inspiration) and to be bold I made sure the word “lust” was a border.

All three pieces are still available for purchase and need homes.

Mixed media collage.
“searching for something” (mixed media on 8x10 canvas panel)
Mixed media collage.
“desires” (mixed media on 8x10 canvas panel)
Mixed media collage.
“fire/lust” (mixed media on 11x14 canvas panel)