Photo of a spider web.
Photo by Frances Gunn on Unsplash
fabricated web

this screen is my addiction
glass eyes glaze over with it,
I log in like popping pills
like drinking too many glasses
of whiskey on ice or bottles of wine.
all these friends miles away
but I can’t see their faces
or hear their voices or touch their
skin. we are connected
but have never been farther
apart. joined but separate
& full of the deepest loneliness
humans have known for centuries.
cavemen had more human contact
than many of us have in years.
community has become something
created over a fabricated web;
often I wonder how real any
of this really is, how much is created
inside recesses of my retracting mind.
I’m a fly caught in the spider silk
no matter how I struggle I become more
entangled, wrapped inside this
digital world, often more pleasant
than the reality I exist inside.
buzzing screens hold me tighter
ease the pain of many lonely nights.
tuck me into bed & kiss my head
I am floating in digital existence
where I mean something, where I matter
counting how many “likes” I get
measuring worthiness by follower counts
as if that is any true reflection of me.