MyChart medical chart with diagnoses, date of diagnosis, and poetic description.

Matt Mitchell is a writer from Ohio. His work appears in, or is forthcoming to, venues like The Shallow Ends, NPR, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, The Boiler, and Homology Lit, among others. Twitter: @matt_mitchell48

text for lay me on the table + put flowers in my mouth

text from MyChart

note from therapist: think of your
body as something other than:

Genu valgum (acquired)
Added 2/21/2007

legs like derrick rose. a hymnal curving
around an echo. kneecaps hardening into
fragments. screws like statues.

Pes cavus
Added 6/4/2014

coal mine soot living in my feet—but i
still dance, nimble toes curled like claws,
arches bent like a ballerina, thin legs &
arms &

Added 6/24/2014

frank saying we’re taller in another dimension.
a doctoral hypothesis of my body growing
to be seventy-six inches or more.

Added 6/24/2014

an alternate universe i would love to live in,
where i tower high enough in the air
that all of the chronic pain cannot snake
up my back & out of my open minefield
of a dirty mouth.

Sex chromosome abnormality,
male phenotype

Added 10/9/2014

a dream of christmas lights at the zoo, like
the ones my lover & i would reach out & grab
when we were younger.

Adjustment disorder with
disturbance of emotion

Added 5/26/2015

i am the swan on the cover of fleetwood
mac’s tango in the night, glistening in a forest
of beauty, decked out in gorgeous rubies &
sapphires sharp like antler crowns, cutting
open & pulling back skin to reveal a heart
beating like a hammond organ, & lungs
like songbirds respirating in harmony with
christine mcvie’s voice in “everywhere.”

Muscle wasting and atrophy,
NEC, unsp lower leg

Added 7/15/2015

the study of archaic crates of pediatric
medical records in my attic. the thumbing
of the doctoral indentations over the
purple birthmarks on my wide hips.

Muscle atrophy of lower

Added 7/17/2015

a plague of a thousand unlit matches. a vial
of stars seared red.

Gynecomastia, male
Added 2/22/2016

a chest flattened into a narrow notepad.
a colony of pulp above tender skin.