Death comes like a whirlwind.
Suddenly, a car's tires burst & it tumbles over.
Suddenly, a metal shaft runs deep into the forehead.
Suddenly, blood.
Suddenly, death.

Who can snatch its meal from its mouth?
I am powerless. Nothing was powerful enough to deliver you.
*Ódìgbà, ódàbò, you have crossed the river.
You have swum into the country of spirits.

I console myself by saying what lies ahead
is more beautiful than what lies behind.
I do not know if it's true, but I say it anyway.
I say it with my face buried into my palms.
I say it trembling, 2 seas pouring from my eyes into my nostrils.
Go wind, carry him home.
Carry him like an egg, like a lost thing found again.

In your condolence book, I will write:
Death comes like a whirldwind.
Suddenly, a metal shaft ran deep into my friend's forehead.

*Ódìgbà, ódàbò is a Yorùbá phrase that implies "farewell."