You’re an armada in my blood—
one hundred thirty of the most fortunate ships sail through me
with bright oars, bioluminescent oars made of creatures who glide in water like blue flame.

And, you are sapphires rained down from clouds of corundum my breath made in the
shimmering winter night. A cave of carats, your glint in my eyes planted stones of both
sea and sky. Together we are,

neutron stars, one hundred million-year-old collision. Unseen rippling toward earth
where we were a billion tons in a teaspoon. Unknown in the gold
trapped around other fingers. Hidden in coastlines. All this land pushed between us—

emergence/subduction—earthquakes got in the way, mudslides from falling mountaintops.
It took tectonics to get us this close. Once. Now, to relearn the cosmos.
Feel the fold of space time. Remember, I will always be a star inside you.