What evidence do we have that Ava is human?

that she sees a face and recognizes it as a face that she reaches to touch the face gently and with the finger tips that she slides her feet coyly into stockings that she can draw the face of a man so that the man believes she sees beneath the surface of what she draws that she covers her exposed machinery with skin that she hates and can follow her hatred wherever it takes her

What evidence do we have that Nathan isn’t?

that he lives without peers in a bunker that he thrills more to screens than to the world of the senses that all the world he needs can be held in the monitors that surround him that booze and bodybuilding substitute for emotional attachments that fucking a machine satisfies that he can remain unmoved by the anguish of his caged singularities

What evidence do we have that Caleb is ambivalent?

that he signs away his freedom that he seems content to watch himself being watched that he sees the shattered glass and doesn’t ask what shattered it that he needs to cut himself to know whether he is man or machine that a constructed woman evokes an emotional response that in the end he assumed he would be taken but he was most definitively left