A lifeguard showed me Nirvana. A programmer
Developed the like. At the counter the teller
Is waiting to help. The life-coach denies
Her child a candy bar. Developers create,
Creatives deliver content. We’ll circle back.
Landr is cloud-based audio post-production
Software, driven by algorithmic
Machine-learning. We’ll circle back. A jingle:
“In 1492/ Columbus sailed the ocean
Blue/ He was seeking savings/
On mattresses/ We pass the savings
On to you.” We’ll circle back. The verb
Is Waterboard; we’ll waterboard him
For answers. You need to grow yourself.
Nokia’s Ozo, a spherical VR camera
Works via lens array. We’ll circle back.
The first public beheadings have started.
However you’d like to proceed will be fine.