Kristen Coates (she/her) |Editor-in-Chief/Publisher| has a multidisciplinary background in English literature, law, and software development. She has two decades of freelance editing experience, including work with bestselling author David Shields. Kristen enjoys learning new technologies and also works as a front-end web developer and tech educator. She lives in Boulder, Colorado. Twitter: @Kristensjd

Rebecca Gross (she/her) |Managing Editor| is an independent writer, researcher, and editor living in Los Angeles. Her work has been published in LA Progressive, Los Angeles Review of Books, Indie Obsessive, and Entropy Magazine. She curates, edits, and self-publishes a zine called All Female Menu, which features the art and writing of exclusively female-identifying millennials. As part of this same intersectional feminist initiative, she also organizes poetry/prose readings at bookstores around Los Angeles featuring primarily female and female-aligning performers. Rebecca is an English graduate student and Teaching Fellow at Loyola Marymount University where she focuses her research on literature written by women of diasporas. Twitter: @becsgross

Kevin Bateman (he/him) |Poetry Editor + Art Editor| is a Surrealist poet from Galway currently based in his mind who has created at a variety of Events In Spiritual Places That People Have Forgotten To Visit in Ireland, Scotland, Malta. His mind is a transparency. He has been told his poetry has a surrealist aesthetic quality and is willing to take that at face value as a compliment. He has been published in @theruntzine 7, 9, 10. Twitter: @Bate_Kevin

Founding Editors: Kristen Coates and Rebecca Gross

Miran Kim (she/her) |Reader| is a researcher and copy editor based in Seattle. Her past research has predominantly examined contemporary dystopian fiction and its social and political implications. She holds a BS in Psychology and BA in English from the University of Washington. She is currently involved in a community development non-profit.

Cherie Jacobs (she/her) |Reader| is of Trinidadian and Southern descent. She hails from Bronx, New York. She is an English Masters graduate from SUNY Buffalo. She has years of editing and writing experience. She believes that both the written and spoken word serve as a form of translation and a means of connection. Her research and writing cover Blk feminism, trauma, healing of the Blk woman's body, and reconfigurations of home. She runs a website titled loveyoself in which she releases a combination of written and visual content intentionally shared to help foster self love. It was born out of the realization that there wasn't much content geared toward Blk women and women-aligned people encouraging self love without discussing service or partnership as the only routes to success. She is a freelance writer and upcoming author with two publications to be released this year: The LOVE book and Reclaiming Your Power. Find her on Twitter: @OldSoulLove

Grace Novacek (she/her) |Researcher| is an interdisciplinary creative living in Illinois. She has worked as an editor, writer, researcher, illustrator, and designer. She holds a BS in Biology from the University of Washington and is always looking for ways to synthesize her interests across science, humanities, and social justice. Grace self-published her first collection of illustrations and drawings in 2020, which can be viewed on her website. Twitter/Instagram: @gnovs

Beaey (ve/vim/ver) |Photographer| is an interdisciplinary artist and software programming consultant currently on the Amply core development team. Ve strives to be a resource for galvanizing innate genius and creativity. Ve lives cooperatively in Boulder, Colorado with ver cat Charles McPherson Lambda.